Canada: Best of the West

Canada is a BIG country! HUUUUGE! You can drive for days and days… and you’ll still be in the same province. Expansive landscapes, spectacular mountains and lakes, clean air, fabulous hiking trails and amazing wildlife… if you enjoy the Great Outdoors, you will love Canada, and especially the West Coast provinces of British Columbia and Alberta!

I wrote about bear watching on Vancouver Island in a previous post that you can find over here.

Here are my 10 favourite photographs of stunning western Canada that will inspire you to visit…

Lake Louise
Fairmont Chateau Louise on Lake Louise
Highest peak in the Rockies (3954 m)
Lake Agnes
Lake Peyto 
Lake Kinney
Banff Falls Hotel
Lake Moraine
Anahim Lake, Tweedsmuir Provincial Park
Tales round the campfire – Anahim Lake

4 thoughts on “Canada: Best of the West

  1. Nat, from the first photograph until the last, they literally took my breath away! You are SUCH a talented photographer!
    Can you believe (having lived in New York and being so close) that I have never been to Canada? However, it’s a place I know that I will one day visit. And yes, even being someone who loves city life, I’m also a huge admirer of the Great Outdoors. I adore nature and find it very healing.
    I cannot get over how stunningly blue the water is in Lake’s Louise and Peyto. OMG…it looks almost painted, it’s so bright!
    “Banff Falls Hotel” I would love to spend a few days there!
    What a beautiful way to conclude this post with the final picture!
    Thanks so much for sharing the exquisite beauty of Canada!


    1. Aw thanks Ron! You have to go to Canada some day…it is so special!
      Lake Peyto is stunning…that photo has not been photoshopped, the water really is that blue thanks to all the glacier rock flour that flows into it during summer.
      Have an awesome week and happy 4th July on Tuesday!


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