Reasons I Love Thailand

Someone recently asked me: “Of all the places in the world you’ve been to, which is your favourite?”

“Thailand!” I answered, without a moment’s hesitation.

But just why do I love Thailand so much? Known as the ‘Land of Smiles’, this beautiful Southeast Asian country is renowned for….

Beach Therapy

Think endless white sand beaches and tropical islands, swaying coconut palms and gentle lapping waves. Remember “The Beach” that made Leo DiCaprio and indeed Thailand so popular? While over 30 million tourists visit Thailand each year, incredibly, it is still possible to escape the crowds and find your own little piece of paradise.

If there is a heaven for me, I’m sure it has a beach attached to it.
Jimmy Buffett


Food, Glorious Thai Food

I absolutely love Thai food and will choose it over any type of cuisine. I was in food heaven when travelling in Thailand. Perhaps not the most waistline friendly food… all that satay (peanut) sauce and coconut milk, but somehow I managed not to gain too many extra pounds. Perhaps all those chillies speed up the metabolism!

Our hotel resort offered one-to-one cookery lessons with their resident chef, who showed us how to turn these lovely ingredients…


…into these tasty dishes…


Some of the best food to be had can be bought from street vendors and at the night food markets….


Ornate Temples

There are over 40,000 Buddhist temples in Thailand, with around 34,000 still in active use by the Thai people today. The temples are beautiful, impressive and spiritually significant…


Thai Massage

If you like being pulled and pushed, pummelled and slapped, and stretched into previously unknown yoga positions, you’ll love a traditional Thai massage! Nothing kinky, please note… the only happy ending is the fact that the pain is finally over. But you do feel wonderfully relaxed afterwards and very energised. Try a coconut oil massage to soothe sun-kissed skin…



Travel Log

  • I’ve travelled to Thailand twice – in September 2012 to Koh Samui island (in the Gulf of Thailand) and December 2013 to Koh Lanta Yai island (the Andaman Sea side).
  • Flights on Thai Airways from London Heathrow via Bangkok to Koh Samui and to Krabi (followed by a private car transfer plus speedboat) for Koh Lanta.
  • I stayed at the boutique Sala Samui Choengmon Beach on Koh Samui and the fabulous, adults’ only luxury  Layana Resort and Spa on Koh Lanta. I’d highly recommend both!


4 thoughts on “Reasons I Love Thailand

  1. Nat, I certainly see why you love Thailand so much from just listening to your words and GLORIOUS photographs! The ones of the sunset literally took my breath away. They are STUNNING!

    Also the food there looks delicious! I love that photograph of all those fresh ingredients…YUM-MY!

    And I have to say, your images of the Buddhist temples are exquisite! My favorite place in Japan was Kyoto, where they have such gorgeous temples. And the energy there was so moving. In fact, it literally brought me to tears because I felt so moved.

    “the only happy ending is the fact that the pain is finally over. But you do feel wonderfully relaxed afterwards and very energized. Try a coconut oil massage to soothe sun-kissed skin…”

    HAHAHAHAHA! OMG…I loved that! Btw, I also had a full massage while in Kobe, Japan and it was amazing. And I was surprise how reasonably priced it was considering how most every single thing in Japan is SO MUCH MORE expensive than here in the US

    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed your photographs and narrative!


    1. Hi Ron
      I would love to visit Japan! It’s on my Wish List…. just need to save up for a while as it’s not a cheap destination by any means as you note 🙂 I’ll have to try a Japanese massage when I’m there!
      Thailand is very cheap when you’re travelling on Sterling 🙂
      Have a great week….


  2. Your beautiful photos and words make it easy to see why you love Thailand so much.
    I’ve never been there, but I sure love Thai food.
    We have a friend who owns two Thai restaurants. One in Thailand, and one here. The restaurant here is one of our favorite places to eat (and we do so often).
    Great post Nat!


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