Los Pueblos Blancos

Andalucia is famous for the White Villages (Los Pueblos Blancos)… the villages that try to keep cool in the long hot summer by whitewashing their houses every spring.


Many of these villages were founded by Berber tribes who settled the area during the eight centuries of Moorish presence. They were hill farmers and the land that they settled in Andalucia was similar to that which they had left behind in North Africa. Because of the constant threat of attack – the Reconquest was bound to come sooner or later – they chose sites which were high and easy to defend.


Possibly the most unique pueblo blanco is Setenil de las Bodegas, a town that grew out of a network of caves in the cliffs above the rio Trejo, north-west of Ronda. The blinding white houses seem to grow out of the rocks, some homes even have rock roofs and olive groves on top…


I loved exploring the steep, winding streets…


And peeking inside the beautiful, tiled hallways of the houses, with their doors left ajar…


Or sipping a drink in the traditional bars, like this one….

A long way from Sin City!

All drinks were one euro… cafe con leche (white coffee), cola or cervisia (beer)… it’s a good system!

And in amongst all those white houses, the odd brightly coloured one…


Travel Log

  • I travelled to Andalusia with Exodus Travels as part of an 8-day walking trip in October 2010 – Walking in Andalucia.
  • Based at a beautiful converted farmhouse, the Cortijo Rosario.
  • Flights with easyjet from London Gatwick to Malaga.



6 thoughts on “Los Pueblos Blancos

  1. Beautiful photographs, Nat!
    “The blinding white houses seem to grow out of the rocks, some homes even have rock roofs and olive groves on top…”
    That’s AMAZING! I couldn’t stop looking at the 5th photograph down. And what a great shot! I especially love the laundry hanging on the line to dry.
    I also love the 8th photo down, of the narrow little street.
    What beautiful doors! What really impresses me is how clean and well-taken care of everything in the village looks.
    Once again, your travel posts are always so interesting and informative. Thank you, my friend!


    1. Thanks so much Ron! I too was impressed by how beautifully the houses were presented and looked after. Impeccable! Such fabulous little villages to explore…
      Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


  2. Each photo as beautiful as the one before it. Really nice job.
    What an amazing place. I’d love to visit, camera in hand. Thanks for the information.
    Lots of history in this beautiful place.


  3. So good to come along on your travels with you Nat, Andalusia is incroyably beautiful. I sometimes wonder why more people don’t paint their homes white here in Australia, we certainly get the heat that would justify it ☺ Have you been back to Zimbabwe at all?


    1. Hi Grace! That’s a good point about painting houses white in hot climates like Australia. I’ve noticed in South Africa, most cars are white – maybe it’s a cheaper shade of paint but perhaps also a cool solution 🙂
      I haven’t back to Zimbabwe since 2001 – I have no family ties there anymore and I don’t support the corrupt policies of the current government so will not be visiting until things radically change. It’s sad to have to say that about the beautiful country of my birth…


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