Halong Bay Cruise

Renowned for its thousands of towering limestone islands, topped with trees, Halong Bay in northeastern Vietnam was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Legend tells of how the bay was formed when a gigantic dragon (ha long means ‘descending dragon’) plunged into the Gulf of Tonkin, lashing its tail and thereby creating the islands.


An overnight cruise is a popular and relaxing choice for most visitors…

Halong City Port
Cruise boat
Dining galley
Our comfy cabin
En suite bathroom



More active visitors can partake in rock climbing, scuba diving and kayaking amongst the isolated coves…


… or explore Hang Sung Sot (Cave of Surprises), best known for its phallus-shaped rock, a fertility symbol…. can you spot it?



Travel Log and Notes

  • I travelled to Vietnam in April 2012 with Exodus Travels.
  • Halong Bay is easily reached from Hanoi (105 miles/170 km away) for an overnight cruise.
  • A large number of tour operators offer Halong Bay cruises, catering for a wide range of budgets. We cruised with Bien Ngoc Cruise.



4 thoughts on “Halong Bay Cruise

  1. Stunning photographs, Nat! The images of the bay have such a beautifully vintage feel to them, as if looking at them transports back to another time.

    And WOW…the interior shots of the cruise ship are so impressive. That cabin is gorgeous!

    Love the misty-looking coves. It gives them almost a mystical feel.

    Those caves are amazing!

    Thanks for sharing yet another fascinating travel post, my friend! I think it’s awesome that you’ve traveled to so many interesting places.

    Have a super week!


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