Walking on Evia

We never did find out the real name of our taxi driver on the Greek island of Evia, but we christened him ‘Mad Max’ pretty soon after he collected us from the harbour at Marmari and took us on a white-knuckled ride to our hotel in Karystos.  ‘Mad Max’ had a rather cavalier attitude towards a) the luggage limitations imposed by the size of his  battered car’s boot, b) overtaking into oncoming traffic, and c) the speed restrictions on the tiny roads and steep mountain passes of the island. He was also very mad about something, very mad indeed, as he never once cracked a smile in a week of adrenaline-charged drives between Karystos and the start of the many fantastic walks on this beautiful island.

Little known outside of Greece, Evia is a walkers’ paradise. There are ancient ruins, old Roman marble quarries, quaint villages, tiny hill top churches and beautiful, deserted beaches to be explored on old stone walking trails.


We hiked below the peaks of Mount Ochi to Castello Rosso, a Fort of the 4th Crusade….


We climbed Mt Kliosi, to the ruins of the ancient Acropolis of Styra…


And walked through the Porfyra Gorge to the East Aegean coast…


After each hard day of hiking, it was back to our hotel in Karystos, where traditional tavernas along the harbour front vied for our custom, serving up delicious salads, fresh fish and moussaka.



Travel Log and Notes

  • I travelled to Evia with Exodus Travels in September 2014.
  • Evia is not on the mass tourism radar and getting there involved a bit of journey… an early flight to Athens, a taxi to Rafina port, then a ferry to Marmari, followed by another taxi  to our base (Hotel Galaxy)in Karystos.
  • While perfectly adequate for our needs, with a balcony offering lovely views over the harbour of Karystos, the Hotel Galaxy is a modest 2* and is by no means luxurious. The bathroom facilities (en suite) are very basic.



2 thoughts on “Walking on Evia

  1. Nat, I LOVE the brilliant description of your experience with the cab driver in the first paragraph of this post because I could so picture that all happening as you were explaining it.

    I really, really enjoyed this post because Greece is a place I have always wanted to visit. Glorious photographs! The picture of the chapel/church is just beautiful! I also love the night/dusk shots in your final two photographs. Wow!

    Also, I am a huge lover of Mediterranean food, so that photo of the salad made my mouth water. Greek and Italian food are my all-time favorite foods.

    Thanks so much for sharing this post, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah…thanks for your lovely comments as always, Ron! I loved Greece and can highly recommend it, based on my experience of Evia alone 🙂
      The Greek salads were DELICIOUS! There’s something special about eating one when actually in Greece too 🙂
      All the best


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