A Winter Holiday in Norway

Taxidermy may be a “dying art” elsewhere, but it’s alive and well in the wilds of Norway…if the assortment of stuffed animals (including a polar bear, two brown bears, several foxes, deer, a wolf, a lynx, a duck with ducklings and various birds of prey) on display in the rather quirky Rondablikk Høyfjellshotell is anything to go by! Located on the edge of Rondane National Park, this remote mountain hotel is well placed for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the winter wilderness.

img_0195img_0216img_0274img_0230img_0573img_0528Dogsledding can also be arranged with local mushers… an activity not for the fainthearted or anyone with a keen sense of smell! Siberian huskies are wild (and very flatulent, thanks to their high-fat diet) running machines…unrestrained, they’ll run until they drop dead of exhaustion.



Travel Log and Practicalities

  • I travelled to Norway in December 2009 with Exodus Travels. Exodus no longer offer trips to Rondablikk, but do arrange a selection of winter activity holidays in Norway, that you can read more about over here.
  • For travel options to Rondablikk from Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen airport, head over to here.
  • I’ve outlined my recommendations for what to wear when snowshoeing before (see Nat’s Guide to Snowshoeing) but keep in mind that Norway can be particularly cold from December to late February… I experienced temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F) when I was there. Bring extra layers of warmth, including thick mittens or gloves and a balaclava or buff to shield your face from the extreme cold.




2 thoughts on “A Winter Holiday in Norway

  1. Stunning photographs, Nat! WOW! I especially love the 4th and 5th ones down, OMG….how beautiful! Also the sunrise/sunset photos are glorious!

    As you know, I am a HUGE lover of winter, cold weather, and snow; therefore I would really enjoy a winter holiday in Norway!

    Thanks so much for sharing your travels, I find them very interesting!

    And if we don’t speak before then, have a very Merry Christmas!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ron 🙂 You would absolutely love Norway in winter (it lasts 6 months there!) – I really want to return and head even further north to hopefully see The Northern Lights some day…
      Have a very Merry Christmas too and all best wishes for a happy 2017!


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