Ice Ice Baby!

In a country of epic landscapes, this was my  absolute favourite place! Quite literally, Iceland’s Jökulsárlón (glacial river lagoon) is straight out of a  James Bond movie, with scenes from ‘View To A Kill’ and ‘Die Another Day’ filmed here.

It’s definitely worth taking the lagoon tour aboard an amphibious vehicle – you get up close and personal with the icebergs, can spot birds and, if you’re really lucky, seals. You even get to taste some 1000 year old ice, which tastes like… er… frozen water 🙂



Travel Log:

  • I travelled to Iceland in June 2014 with Explore.
  • For details of the glacier lagoon tour, visit here.

7 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby!

  1. Hello there! Just recently discovered your blog via Pat. What a wonderful blog you have! I’m very much into travel and photography, therefore I will enjoy searching through your archives to view more of your beautiful work. I especially enjoyed this post because I’m a winter-lover and being cold Gorgeous photos!

    Nice to meet you. I’ll be back!

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